NWN2: Realms of Trinity Wiki

A trap is a hazard placed on the ground that will trigger an effect, harming whoever set it off. Traps, if detected with search mode, appear as an ominous red overlay in the area. A character can use set trap to place their own trap kits, or use disable device to disable or to recover one set by opponents. The craft trap skill allows one to assemble trap kits.

Traps come in a number of varieties such as generic trap kits, projectile traps, alarms and magical spell traps. Traps also have varying power levels, in ascending order: Minor, Average, Strong, and Deadly.

The current system for player characters work very differently to the original one. On Realms of Trinity, the following score is used to determine multiple factors for the traps:

trap proficiency = set trap / 3 + craft trap / 4 + disable traps / 6

DC is determined by a base value from the item with the trap proficiency score added.

Damage is a dice which is is determined by the item's base damage dice which is then multiplied by your trap proficiency score.

Maximum number of targets that the trap can affect is is equal to your trap proficiency divided by ten to a minimum of one target.

Type Grade Base Damage Dice Special Effect Save Base DC
Acid Blob Minor 1d4 paralysis, 1 rounds reflex 0
Average 1d6 paralysis, 1 rounds reflex 2
Strong 1d8 paralysis, 2 rounds reflex 4
Deadly 2d4 paralysis, 2 rounds reflex 8
Acid Splash Minor 1d4   reflex 0
Average 1d6   reflex 2
Strong 1d8   reflex 4
Deadly 2d4   reflex 8
Electrical Minor 2d2   reflex 0
Average 2d3   reflex 2
Strong 2d4   reflex 4
Deadly 3d3   reflex 8
Fire Minor 1d4   reflex 0
Average 1d6   reflex 2
Strong 1d8   reflex 4
Deadly 2d4   reflex 6
Frost Minor 1d4 paralysis, 1 round fortitude 0
Average 1d6 paralysis, 1 round fortitude 2
Strong 1d8 paralysis, 1 round fortitude 4
Deadly 2d4 paralysis, 2 rounds fortitude 6
Holy (Half versus undead) Minor 1d6    
Average 1d8    
Strong 2d4    
Deadly 1d12    
Negative Minor 1d4 -2 levels fortitude 0
Average 1d6 -3 levels fortitude 2
Strong 1d8 -4 levels fortitude 2
Deadly 2d4 -6 levels fortitude 4
Sonic Minor 1d4 stun, 2 rounds will 0
Average 1d6 stun, 2 rounds will 2
Strong 1d8 stun, 3 rounds will 4
Deadly 2d4 stun, 4 rounds will 6
Spike Minor 1d4   reflex 0
Average 1d6   reflex 2
Strong 1d8   reflex 4
Deadly 2d4   reflex 4
Tangle Minor   slow, 1 round reflex 0
Average   slow, 2 rounds reflex 4
Strong   slow, 3 rounds reflex 8
Deadly   slow, 4 rounds reflex 12
Gas Minor 2 constitution Poison fortitude 0
Average 2 constitution Poison fortitude 2
Strong 3 constitution Poison fortitude 4
Deadly 4 constitution Poison fortitude 8