Clerics specialize in two areas of magical expertise called domains. These domains are selected when first becoming a cleric and cannot be changed unless the first cleric level wasn't taken at level one (in which case you can relevel to change the selection). Domains grant added spells and sometimes a free feat or special ability. Realms of Trinity has none of the Kaedrin or other custom Cleric domains: only the official domains including the ones provided in Storm of Zehir and Mask of the Betrayer expansions. Realms of Trinity also does not grant the extra spells added by Kaedrin to the official domains. Only the spells granted in the original game are added.

Complete ListEdit

Domain Feat 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
Air Uncanny Dodge Call Lightning Chain Lightning
Animal Animal Companion Cat's Grace True Seeing
Chaos Slippery Mind Color Spray Confusion
Cold Resist Cold Energy Creeping Cold Hypothermia Polar Ray
Darkness Blind-fight Blindness/Deafness Shadow Conjuration Power Word Blind
Death Negative Planar Avatar Phantasmal Killer Power Word Kill
Destruction Smite Infidel Rage Acid Fog
Dream Immunity to Sleep Sleep Phantasmal Killer Hiss of Sleep
Earth Toughness Stone Skin Elemental Immunity
Evil Turn Outsider Evard's Black Tenticles Weird
Fire Fire Resistance Fireball Wall of Fire
Fury Battle Master Enlarge Person Tenser's Transformation
Good Aura of Courage Magic Circle Against Evil Lesser Planar Binding
Healing Empower Healing Cure Serious Wounds Heal
Knowledge Identify Knock Clairvoyance/Clairaudience True Seeing Legend Lore
Law Iron Will Lionheart Hold Monster Mass Hold Person
Luck Luck of Heroes Freedom of Movement Greater Spell Mantle
Magic Mage Armor Melf's Acid Arrow Assay Resistance Greater Dispel Magic Spell Mantle Blackstaff
Plant Woodland Stride Entangle Barkskin Poison Mass Camouflage Vine Mine
Protection Divine Protection Lesser Globe of Invulnerability Energy Immunity
Strength Divine Strength Bull's Strength Divine Power
Sun Exceptional Turning Searing Light Sunbeam
Time Improved Initiative Haste Premonition
Travel Fast Movement Freedom of Movement Haste
Trickery Feint Grease Invisibility Confusion
Undeath Extra Turning Animate Dead Create Greater Undead
War Weapon Focus Flame Strike Power Word Stun
Water Evasion Poison Ice Storm


  • Even though the Strength domain grants Divine Power as a level 3 spell, Divine Power is not on the list of spells that can be Persisted.
  • The War domain (plus the ability to cast 4th-level spells) does grant access to the Holy Warrior feat. The bonus damage is capped at +4 on ROT.