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Epic spells are powerful abilities which may be learned by epic characters once certain requirements are fulfilled.


Epic spells in NWN2 are implemented as feats. To learn such a feat during level up, a character must be able to cast level 9 spells (the class which grants them the spells does not matter, and dark invocations count regardless of their actual ESL), and have a sufficient rank in Spellcraft which varies by spell (only ranks actually bought on level ups count, modifiers do not). In addition, each epic spell may only be taken while leveling up in certain classes (for example, all but one epic spells are available when leveling up as a druid, but none are available when leveling up as a rogue).


Epic spells in NWN2 are actually spell-like abilities. They have the following characteristics (some of them contrary to in-game descriptions):

  • All epic spells bypass spell resistance entirely.
  • The DC of a saving throw against an epic spell is 10 (base) + 10 (effective spell level) + 5 (epic spell bonus) + spellcasting ability modifier, or 25 + spellcasting ability modifier (including Spellcasting Prodigy). The +1 bonus for every 3 caster levels beyond 20 does not apply do epic spells, and neither do any Spell Focus feats.
  • Epic spells are considered actual spells for the purposes of saving throws, so Spellcraft and similar bonuses apply.
  • Epic spells do not provoke attacks of opportunity, cannot be interrupted by damage, and are never affected by arcane spell failure despite having somatic components. However, they have verbal components and as such cannot be cast when silenced.
  • Metamagic may not be applied to epic spells.

In addition, certain epic spells bypass immunities which should actually apply. For example, Vampiric Feast is not blocked by Death Ward.

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